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phase reversing, serie, parallel ?!?

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Ok everyone, i need a little help here !!

I have been looking at some pickups wiring diagrams and some of them had phase reversing switches and serie/parallel switches

what is phase reversing and serie parallel switch ?? how does it affect the sound ?!?!

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i think you would a lot better responces in the electronics forum, since the electronic junkies hang out there

i know the technical aspect of series and paralel switches, one switch sets the pickups in a series connected on the same wire

and the other parallel where the pickups are parallel

    |--------pickup 1--------|

---|                        |-----------


i dont know how this affects tone, but im guessing that in a series anything that affects the first pickup affects the output from the second pickup

and in a parrallel circuit it bleeds together more unifromaly, and you can control the amount of bleeding

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What series and parallel mean electronically has been mentioned by Truerussian558 so I shan't repeat that.. Tone-wise, pickups in series would be 'hotter' than those in parallel..

One other interesting thing you could do is to wire the 2 'halves' (forgotten the term for them) of a humbucker in parallel with each other.. Normally, they'd be in series.. I've tried this with a couple of DiMarzio humbuckers and the parallel wired humbucker sounds almost single-coil like... Almost.. But not quite.. Got more snap than your usual series humbucker sound.. Also not as thick.. That's when it's clean, by the way.. With the distortion or od on, there isn't too much of a different..

Hope that helped!! B)

And, yes, it's in the wrong section.. :D

Almost forgot.. When phase reversing, or rather, when 2 pickups are wired 'out of phase', the 2 signals generated by the 2 pickups kinda 'cancel' each other out, though not to the point that you get nothing.. This is because the 2 signals aren't identical due to their position and wiring etc... Long story short, you'll get a kinda hollowed out sort of sound..

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