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TonePros 7 String Tune-o-matic Bridges

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hi everybody

i only just found these things on www.wdmusic.com and about time i say. i don't know if anyone [or everyone] else knows they exist, since i have been MIA for nearly 2 months. so i thought i might give everyone a link to where to get them: http://wdmusicproducts.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?

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Hey, Rhoads... i might be interested in that. I'm slowly upgrading my Dean Evo piece by piece, and i'm very interested in putting a TonePros bridge on there. (A couple of years ago, they were only doing 7-string bridges as custom-order options!)

No problems Darren. Let me know what you want, yoiur address, etc etc.

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