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question for anyone who built a guitar

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Given the right tools, patience, and an eye for quality, it's not all that hard to build a body. I don't know about a neck, though.

If you work start to finish all day every day, maybe a week and a half for a body.

Nights and weekends, on and off, a month or two.

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If this is your first stab at building a guitar, I'd suggest a kit first or maybe buy a body and neck from someone. USA custom guitars here This a great place to start. Also, Universal Jems has kits.Here

It is hard to build a guitar correctly and there is a lot to learn. It gets easier eith practice. As far as time, it depends on the time sanding, finishing, putting the parts on and the set up.

Building from scratch takes much longer and takes more tools.

Good luck. I'm sure you'll get plenty of answers to your question.

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Posts like this are starting to show up more and more. Berofe you post something like this its a good idea to browse around a bit and gather some info before asking such a broad question. There is a lot of info here. As far as "how hard is it" that is a pretty subjective question that I dont think anyone can answer for you. You need to take a look at what tools you have/dont have, your budget, experience, time and all kinds of other details before you can decide how "hard" its gonna be.

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