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about to start new project

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yep, my first project just needs to be wired up, will do that this weekend or if i can get my brass earlier then earlier.

For my next project, Gibson SG style, carved (possibly)

mahogany wings with oak centre, mahogany bottom (oak isnt long enough i dont think)

not too sure on neck or hardware, some used stuff untill i get a good set of hardware

possibly chambered, or hollow body, not too sure yet,

its all up in the air, finish will be stained with black along the sides (almost like binding, but 1/4 inch towards centre of body)

I would like to build another neck, i got all the tools now (yay for wood working neighbours!) but I am not sure yet, i want to see how my first one plays :D

Well, let me know what you think, i know i posted this kinda before, but I have completly decided on it now


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i am going to get pictures as soon as I can, yes it was a rhoads V

the body, i should have planned it a bit more because its pretty small...

My next one, i built a "wall stand guitar" (wink wink) but will actually serve as a template for the one I am building, i just need to make the bottom bit rounded better :D


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