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Neck Thru

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you take to pieces of the wood you want to use for the body and atach them on the sides as "wings" and cut it after you glue (hard unless you use a saw where you move the saw i.e. jigsaw opr a frikkin huge bandsaw). or with carefull planing you can cut the wings and then glue them one,but make sure you leave a bit of flat edge on the sides so you can atach the clamps to it

other then that you cant just atach a body to it, without serious modification to the neck or the body (saws will come out)

btw welcome to the forum

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go there and read...and i would at least cut the cutaways on the wings before glueing

if you are putting it on an existing body,simply trace the section on that you need to cut out,and cut and glue,rerout the pickup and bridge cavities,and refinish

i hope my post makes more sense than the last one :D

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