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4-conductor pickups?


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Hi. I am a complete and total electronic newbie. I am trying to build a guitar, and need to get a bridge humbucker. What is the difference between 4-conductor pickups and regular pickups? The neck pickup is a very old dimarzio that only has 2 wires, and the harness i am using used to have a pickup that appears to only have a single wire, maybe 2. It is an old harmony les paul copy, and i am transferring the electronics to my built guitar, but i want to switch out the bridge pickup. Any help? Thanks. Neal

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Thanks for the link, but it doesnt really answer my question. Ill try to explain a little mor. I pulled the electronics harness out of a cheap lp copy to put in my custom guitar. The neck pickup has already been replaced with a dimarzio. I now want to replace the bridge pickup. The current wire seems to be eithe single or double stranded, but it is NOT four-conductor. What would i have to do in order to replace the bridge pickup with a four-conductor pickup? Thanks. Neal

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If I get what you're saying, the bridge pickup has 2 wires, not 4. Right?

If so, 4 wires is signal and ground for both coils, and 2 is somehow signals combined and grounds combined. guitarelectronics.com has great diagrams for any wiring combo you could dream of.

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The differences between them....

1 and 2 conductor humbuckers are usually wired in series...there's one wire for the ground....one for the start of the forst coil...and in a 2 conductor...one for the end of the second....

in a 4 conductor...there's a ground and a start and finish for each coil...

How do you get a 4 conductor pickup....you buy one....

Or you could convert it...that's been discussed here before...as an electronics newbie I wouldn't recommend the latter...there's a high chance of breaking things

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