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What wax to use on black leather dye

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ive been busy sanding down an Epi gothic LP and adding a few 'esp-esque' horn and waist contours, ive decided to do a faux ebony finish using black leather dye amd was wondering what type of wax could be used do finish it off (i can't be bothered with lacquering!)

ive found a tin of meguiars mirror glaze (a fibreglass tool release wax) which i put straight onto bare wood squier strat with no harm done, but im worried as to rubbing this stuff onto a dyed wood may cause a bit of a kerfuffle B)

ive heard about using 'black wax' on faux ebony finishes, but im still not sure.

thanks for any help!

:D Tony

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I admit, I'm ignorant about the use of leather dye on wood.

"Ignorance" isn't an insult. It just means "Not having knowledge". I doubt anyone here has ever tried doing that.

4 posts... all in this thread... that means that you didn't even introduce yourself or contribute a thing to the forum before expecting a thousand answers about an obscure bit of knowledge.



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