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Stain after sealer

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hi everyone-

Ive been reading around the forum, and now im thoroughly confused. is it possible to apply a coat of wood stain after the sanding sealer has been applied? my spalted maple didnt take in the stain too well, and after sanding a coat of the sealer i accidentally sanded a little through the stain. is it possible to reapply the stain now? what about in areas that still have the sealer? Thanks a lot!

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That's actually my prefered way of applying a dye. However there are some issues to address - What type of Dye are you using? When you say "Stain", I'm assuming you're not using a "Minwax" wood stain. You'll have issues with that since they mix in a sealer/oil with the dye.

The other point to note is what type of sealer you are using. The Stew Mac sanding sealer is Nitro based. This has a good bit of solvent in it and *can* disrupt the dye, making it blotchy. I've switched to a Vinyl Sanding Sealer (but you'll need spray equip..) I also use alcohol based dyes.

Bottom line - you need to be testing all of this on a scrap.

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