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what tools should i buy

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Ok, i know what you guys say are necessary tools, by using the search function. However, i want to know what i should get. I have access to a bandsaw, and i own a drill press and a table saw. I plan on purchasing a router, dremel, sander, and some rasps/files. What type of router should i buy(plunge/standard)? What is the best cheap router i can find? What type of sander is best suited for guitars? I already have a random orbital, and i might have some others. What are some good brands? And what should i get in terms of rasps/files. thanks, and i hope i can enjoy this hobby/profession as much as you guys do. Neal

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Sounds like you have almost everything you need. :D

For routers, you can always start off with a plunge router and then build a table for it. I've been using a plunge router, and there have been a few times a table would have come in handy; however, on the other hand, there have been times when I couldn't have imagined doing the work on just a table. Don't have a brand recommendation as mine's just a cheapie from Canadian Tire, but it does the job fine. It plunges. It spins at high revolutions. It has an on/off switch. <shrug> Variable speed would be nice at times.

I couldn't give you a recommendation on a sander, though a random orbital is certainly a handy one to have; however, I do have a recommendation for the rasp:

Microplane Offset-handled Rasp

It comes with the 'flat' (it's not exactly 100% flat, so you'll never actually be able to use it for a truly flat surface) attachment, and I also bought the half-round one. I've found it to be an indispensable tool, so far. People with more skill, better tools, or more planning can probably get by just fine without such a tool, but for me it's been a godsend.


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