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The only reason I brought up the van halen guitars thing was it was on the VH website, I'm trying to find the link that I first read it in, but I'm coming up short right now. Anyway, I'll keep looking. I know people who have been ripped, mostly in the customer service area, you buy an expensive guitar, have a problem, and he says tough ****, not my issue. I can agree with, charge what someone will pay, but there was a time before I knew who he was, that I emailed him about a JEM777LNG, I had the word Ibanez in my email subject. I never got a response, then I read on his site that he won't answer emails about Ibanez guitars, I was like, then how the hell do I buy a guitar from you????? finally he emailed me back saying that I didn't want a cheap Ibanez, I'd do better with (named some other POS I didn't want) and said if I really wanted a LNG he would sell me one for $6500 (which was higher than the pricing I found on his site).

At any rate, to me, that is trying to screw me, charging market value is fine. But to advertise one price (which was stupidly high) and then quote me higher, that is scamming. Thankfully I wasn't that stupid.

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$2000 for a LNG would be fair.

The LNG's were limited number, and the very first Jem produced (along with the DY and SK)

There were only 777 LNG's built, and every single one was signed and numbered by Steve Vai. They also came with a a corresponding numbered case. Finding one original and mint is tough. I've seen them fetch anywhere from $1200 to $2500.

The DNA was even worse, limited to 300, and I've seen them fetch from $3000 to $5000 depending on the swirl.

The UV77MC, higher numbers, but quite desired, can get up to $3500

The JEM77GMC, limited numbers again, seen up to $3000

The JEM77PMC, only 170 or something were made, they go from $1500 to $3500.

It's based on the collector market, what someone is willing to pay, none of these guitars cost as much brand new as they fetch today in mint condition. When it comes to those prices, you have nobody to blame but the buyers market.

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non related p.s.

absolutely no one has ever been sued or gotten into copywrite trouble over evh paint job.....like most of this thread, that is all rumor

Kinda true. The VH camp went cease and desist order happy about 18 months ago. Schwinn actually recieved a C&D from Van Halen's leagal firm to change the graphics on the Van Homan Mean Streak bicycle frame. The graphics included a clear rip off of the VH logo and a little guitar with the striped paint job. According to the article I read in Ride BMX the lawyers told Schwinn that both the logo, AND the guitar's paint scheme were copyrighted, so Schwinn had to change the decals on the last few Mean Streaks it produced (they went bankrupt and were sold to Pacific shortly there after. Van Homan left Schwinn for Fit Bike Co right before this, so, no Van, no Mean Streak)

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By the way, I checked the link and, it's funny, he's basically parting out an RG470 and thehn charging $60 to put it together.

Go to eBay, you can find the same "kit" preassembled for less than $300. Shoot, since the 470 is a discontinued model they're probably being blown out NEW for the same price.

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