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wood for 4-string bass

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hi there,

i want to build 4-string bass, preci or mm style, bolt-on neck.

- ovengkol neck with ebony fretboard

- 3mm zebrano or flamed maple top

what should i use for the body?

the following blanks nearly cost the same:

- bubinga

- maple

- walnut

- alder

- ash

- khaya

- sapele

- sipo

- ovengkol

- padouk

i'm going for a rich warm sound, passive electronics, so what should i use?




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Most flashy basses are made from very hard very heavy woods like varients of rosewood, wenge and all that....

Bubinga or Paduak would do the job nicely I think, but I ain't no bass wood expert, mines made of rosewood and maple and sounds pretty good, but its not all that exotic and your average self builder always wants something flashy!

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Bubinga is nice. Warwick thumb basses are ovangkol neck, either wenge or ebony fb, and either ovangkol or bubinga body. I like the look of bubinga better, so that would be my personal choice.

Out of curiosity, how much is a bass blank of bubinga where you are?

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