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1 piece composite back & neck

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at first, sorry about my english...I'm from Spain.

Does anybody knows about "how to build a 1 piece composite back & neck guitar"?

There is any web about this kind of guitar construction.?

What advantages has got this guitars? sustain? what do you think about Brian Moore MC guitars?


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Que no nos conquistan aca en Canada. :D

Todavia dicen "la leche" por todo en espanya? (perdoname... no se como poner acentos con este teclada)

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Yo no soy latino, pero vivi alla en Mexico por 2 anyos. Tenia una novia mexicana, entonces tuve que aprendar. :D Neta, ella es... menos que buena gente... pero lo bueno es que ya hablo espanyol! (mas o menos)

Skibum-- I only passed my 1st year Latin class because the prof had immense amounts of pity on me. I likely should have only gotten 20%. B)

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It's probably such a specialized process, requiring sophisticated moulds and equipment, that nobody here has researched it much.

Pero al menos, hablamos un poco de castanello. :D

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