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Thickness planing with router

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I see an occaisional reference to thickness planing with a router instead of a planer. Is this a tutorial on this site? (If so, where? I can't seem to find it.) I'm pretty good with a router, but it seems like this would be a hard method to obtain perfect flatness with. All thoughts/experiences appreciated.

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yeah, before i had a planer, i used the router, but before you start, i would work from the edges in, cause i made a mistake of that working form the middle,

you wont get to route all of it, but just sand the bit of it off.

But Bacicly Yeah, just take your time, works grand.


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The doubleneck body I'm working on was too large to run through a thickness planer. The body was 2" thick, so I built a 2" high ring of scrap wood around the edge of the body, then used my router to plane off 3/8" from the top.

It was definitely not perfect; I had to block sand the entire body flat before I glued the top on.

I've since learned that some cabinet making shops have large (36" wide) belt sanders for obtaining true thickness.

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