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Humbucker Resistance values


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I have a medium quality stratocaster copy that sounds like crap. It has an overall ok clean sound but when distorted it is too muddy. Its confiquration is single / single/ humbucker. The humbucker is in the bridge and I just measured the resistance across it and it rates at 8.4 Kilo ohms. Do you think that a booster circuit will enchance the whole instument?

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you can get a lot of mileage out of an lpb1 booster, with the right caps you can make a nice boost/tone control.. similar to say the ec booster.

use a darlington and get gobs of gain..

add some schotky diodes. and get some nice crunchy breakup.

do it rectifer style and get a little upper ocatve pronounced before it hits the amp.

take the time to build say a simple two transistor.. or single surface mount opamp and make a nice unity booster, and drive a small trimpot mounted eq.. i like to preset the bass and treble and use my tone pot as a midrange control. and then the second half of the opamp to make it around unity gain or maybe a little hotter if you like it.. you would be suprised what a simple little threband eq does for your sound..or build a gyrator circuit to really add some presence to the sound.

the skys the limit. but again. a good set of pickups would work better probally.

i got a barcus berry you could have for shipping. of course it depends on where you are at. too on howmuch shipping is.

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