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question about the pearly gates


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ok im on ebay looking for a seymour duncan pearly gates, and i have a couple of questions. firstly i know that most ppl put then at the bridge but on the website they have samples of it in the neck, now i assumed that it is the same exact model but i want to double check if there are diffrent version for the bridge and neck. another thing i am wondering is is there a diffrence between a pearly gates and a pearly gates "plus" that comes out of the fender fat strats?

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Since nobody's replied yet, I'll give it a shot.. As far as I know, there is a separate bridge and neck pickup for the PG.. For humbuckers in general, the bridge usually has a higher output than the neck pickup because the amplitude of the string's vibrations at the bridge is a lot smaller than those at the neck pickup.. Hope that's right.. If I'm wrong, someone please correct me!!

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Correction: that was Seymour Duncan's site that had it.

What's the difference between your Pearly Gates pickup and the Pearly Gates Plus on a Lone Star Strat®?

The Pearly Gates is rather different than the "Pearly Gates Plus" that is on the Lone Star StratTM. The Pearly Gates Plus is only available on that guitar and not made for retail sales. The main difference in these pickups is that a Pearly Gates has Alnico II magnets, while the Pearly Gates Plus has Alnico V magnets. Alnico V magnets tend to give a brighter, glassier tone, while Alnico II magnets tend to have a warmer, rounder, more mid-rangier tone. The closest pickup available in our regular line to a Pearly Gates Plus is a '59 Model with 4-conductor cable. The '59 is an Alnico V pickup with a wind very close to that of the Pearly Gates Plus. The '59 usually comes in single conductor cable, but it can be ordered with the 4-Conductor wiring option.

here's the link if you want it: http://www.seymourduncan.com/website/suppo...lygatesvspgplus

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