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Installing a Floyd Rose

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I recently purchased a Mighty Mite floyd rose double locking tremollo from ebay. I have a few questions

-Is there a site that would show how to install it?

-I have a Stratocaster. Will installation require modification (drilling, etc.)?

-How long would it take (How long will I be without my gtr)?

- Is it easy to do?

If anyone has installed a FR before, can you answer please?

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I've installed a bunch of them but they've all been in new guitars. There are instructions on the web - in fact I think KrazyDerek's web site has them on it. If you can't find them, let me know - I'll see if I have a copy at home.

I don't know on a strat - but I think you might need to route the recess area on the top of the guitar. The post bushings need to be drilled at the right dia. and depth. If you already have holes there (and not the right size) then you'll probably need to fill them with a dowel (glue them in) and re-drill with the right dia. and spacing. Once the routing and drilling is done, you're in good shape. The setup process is detailed on jemsite.com (for a Ibanez floyd but it's very similar).

Check Derek's site for the instrcutions. It's a shame more companies don't provide that info with the hardware.

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i searched for a long time when i was going to install my FR in my explorer

the method i came up with is crude, but works.

what i did is get some yarn, and tie nots at the end, then strung it through the FR at the low and high E, and tied it off at the tuning machines, and placed them through the nut. i then used that as a guide to get the FR centered right. after that, i measured both ways from the 12th fret to get it centered that way too. after that, i just traced around it and routed it, about a 1/2". then i just marked where the posts went and drilled. its fairly easy to do if you know how to use the neccicary tools.

after that, i noticed that when i went to pull the bridge forward, it hit on something, so some more routing was required. all in all, not that hard, just frustrating

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Thanks, I noticed that the folyd rose bridge unit is too wide for my Strats pickguard. Do I need to get a new one? Has anyone here installed a FR on a Strat? Maybe I should take this to Guitar Center or Sam Ash, I have no woodworking experience, even though GC would probably charge $70-100 at least.

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