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Butchering a pickguard?

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I have recently bought a new body, ( the jag stang with AANJ ) off fleabay and theres room for a hum in the bridge position. But im wondering whether i could cut a bigger slot into the pickguard? You can see from the pic.

And if i could, how would i do it without cracking, harming, or disfiguring the pickguard?


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mask the zone to cut with tape

then use a electronic type soldering iron (use a old one or one cheap, the plastic melt ruin the extreme) 2 or 3 mm of the border, the plastic of pickguards smell a lot but its easy to cut it with the iron

finish the border with cutters or a good knife, the edge requires time to end it good, i think is a good idea to put a humbucker mounting ring in this one, but check if the strings can permit this

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