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Refinishing my first project guitar

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Hey everybody, I am very much a beginner at this kind of stuff. The most I've ever done to a guitar is change the strings! Well I bought a Johnson Strat copy off my friend who had it lying in his basement collecting dust. Its in good structural condition, needs a new pickguard, knobs, etc. I've also decided to strip it and paint it lake placid blue metallic. Heres the plan...tell me where I'm wrong.

Step one: Sand it down starting off with coarser sandpaper, and as more bare wood becomes visible switching to lighter grain. I will use sanding sponges to work around the horns of the guitar. When thats done I'll fill in all the blems and scratches with wood fill, allow it to set, then fill again since i hear wood fill shrinks. then i will sand those places down again.

Step two: Using this sand and sealer i will..duh...spray it on.

Step three: Using this aerosol guitar paint. I will apply 3 coats after the 3 coats of the sealer. Then I will let it sit and dry for awhile.

Step four: Using this clear coat i will once again apply 3 coats of it to the guitar. After thats done....the rest is easy. Reattatch the neck, replace the pickguard, trem cover, knobs, 5-way switch, tuners, bridge, and strings.

Any useful advise or helpful websites would be appreciated!



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