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Laminate neck-through: isn't it bad for tone?

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I understand that a laminated neck through would be stiffer than a 1-piece, however all those glue joints, don't they affect the tone?

I'm considering a neck-through Soloist type body, and I want a fairly deep tone, nothing too bright, so I'm afraid of using maple. However, I'm worried about mahogany being too fragile (we don't see much mahogany neck-thru guitars...), so laminating different woods sounds interesting, I'm afraid it'll deaden the tone a bit.

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some people claim that wood is affected by glue others say no way. if you build the guitar right you can;t tell, if you have to use too much glue and your wood is not flat you can tell.

they do make mahogany neck through guitars. You can buy a mahogany neck through from rampart guitars.

fender custom shop and G&L build some telecasters that are made from all mahogany.

If you do an all mahogany guitar, hollow it out a little bit the wood jumps a little better.

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I've read that hollowing out the body may yield a deeper tone? Would it help if I added hollowed wings?

Assuming I go with a maple neck-through, I was thinking maybe Rosewood or Pau Ferro, a 25" scale (it's easier to find pre-cut fingerboards in that scale if you want 24 frets :D ), no maple top on the body, a Wilkinson vintage style trem (with 6 screws for more energy transfer) and I'm undecided between mahogany and basswood for the wings. I usually prefer mahogany, but the maple part will already pretty heavy, and as I understand, the wings don't have that big of a part in the final tone.

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