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programs to print 'lifesize' GIF images

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I need a program to blow up the blueprints for a JEM so i can print it out and use it as a templete. Ive heard corel draw will do it but i need something free. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Yeah, if you're saying that you have a .GIF, I'm guessing it's something you pulled off a website.

So if you're looking at a pic that's maybe 4"x6" off the web, it's resolution is 72 or 96 DPI.

If you need to blow that up to a 12"x18", it will now be around 24-32 DPI.

To get a decent print, the image needs the final resolution (after any enlargement) to be at least 300 dpi.

If you can get your hands on some vector based program, then you can place your .GIF in a document, and trace the outline of it.

Then you can re-size that to whatever you want...

Have fun......


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when i found jem blueprints i just got my mother to take it to work and print it with one of those programs. when i got it back it didnt look that bad. it was just a line drawing so it wasnt so bad. the only problem is its off by a few milli and i had to cut and tape all the pieces of paper together. oh btw she only did it at work because its cheaper to use someone elses printer to make a 16 page drawing than use our printer which is hell to buy ink for.

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