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Tele Wiring 101


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I've been working on a Saga Tele kit to cut my teeth on some basics before moving on to a more complicated build project. The wiring was set up with all grounds running to the volume pot except the .05 tone cap which was run from lug 2 on the tone, to ground on the tone. Also there was a ground wire running from the tone pot to the bridge plate. After doing some reading, this ground to the bridge plate seemed extraneous since there was a already a ground from the bridge pickup, to it's bottom plate which should be connected to the bridge through contact with the pickup mounting screws. I removed this and moved the .05 cap ground from the tone pot to the volume pot via lug 3. Now the rig is wired exactly as show here:


Sound right?

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So lng as you're wired exactly like that StewMac diagram, you'll be fine. If there's any doubt, use a multimeter to check your bridge for continuity to ground - if there's no continuity, run a separate wire from the bridge plate to the back of the volume pot (the grey line in the StewMac diagram). :D

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