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24 fret bolt-on???

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Ok, just to make sure, you're looking for a 24-fret bolt-on guitar, or just the neck?

If just the neck, what kind of guitar exactly?

Because yes Warmoth makes one, but you need to have a Fender style guitar and you need to say goodbye to your neck pickup (because it's usually located under what should be the 24th fret). Converting an existing guitar to 24 frets may or may not be easy. We need more details.

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The warmoth neck is a viable option

Another idea is the 24 fret neck through blank (already fretted) from StewMac, you just have to shape the peghead. However, it's close to 200$, so if you do that, you might as well just make it a neck through...

If you don't want to make the neck yourself, you can look into a pre-slotted fingerboard from LMI or Stewmac, it's one job less and it cost like 15$ ( you still have to do the frets and the inlays, you can do the plastic rod trick for the inlays, and the frets could be installed by a local luthier). You'd still have to shape the neck yourself though, but hey! you gotta learn somewhere :D

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I'm suprised no one mentioned LGM yet, he started making necks, might want to check out his pricing or drop him a line for an exact quote if you want something special.

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