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Mine start at $1300 USD, and go up from there. $1300 will get you a flat top with a decent inlay and/or flame. Or, simple inlay, and carve top. Either way you get an inlay signature logo, set or through neck, SD pickups (or dimarzio), etc etc etc.

But, ive been known to do a wicked price if the project is gunna be different and interesting, like the tele inspired, steinberg hardwared, gargoyle inlayed, f-holed, guitar im making now. I like to think of it as an anti-tele.

The more specific about the specs you are, the higher the price is. If i can play with it a little, i have more fun, and will drop the price a bit. You know, like if i dont think the colour suits, i will change it, or add an inlay for free if i think its going to enhance it, and the customer is cool about that.

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