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nut file

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G,day all

I want to order some tools etc from Stewmac and was wondering what size nut files I should buy?

I realize its a very broad question but this is the first project so I dont want to buy the full set.

Any other options ?



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Gee both of the replies make me start thinking I may be wasting some money?

I am going to use 009 - 042 strings.

Everthing I have read seems to say that the nut slotting is a critical part of the project ,so that is why I was going to spend the money on the files,

but the needle files or (feeler guages) would be a lot cheaper if they do the same job!



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I'm not trying to discourage you in anyway, but even if you get the ones from stew-mac there is still a lot of practice needed to pull of a nice nut slot. Personally, I have a set of stew-mac nut files...however I do repair work as my job, so they're worth every penny. I've already made my money back and them some. Another way to go is a triangle file. They work very well and I still use them for basses. The slot ends up trianglular but after you're finished slotting you will sand the top of the nut off and you can't even tell. A triangle file probably costs, at the most, a few bucks for a good one(you don't need a large t-file, small ones actually work best). Get a few different sizes and see which you like. Really it all comes down to which feels most comforatable for you. Honestly, if you aren't planing on making nuts on a regular basis then you might not want to spend the money on the stew mac stuff. Have fun with your first project!

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