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How do you make a Humbucker?


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Step One:

Get rid of that avatar. :D

Step Two:

Check out the Musical Instrument Makers Forum (www.mimf.com), sign up, and search the Library. When you are logged in, the Library is the first selection in the links at the bottom of the page. Don't just sign up and ask how to wind pickups, because they will only tell you to check the Library.

The Library has a WEALTH of information.


There is no way we could fully (or even close to) explain the process of winding pickups here. You will learn much by checking out MIMF's Library.

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Check out this forum for a wealth of knowledge. It is devoted to winding pickups and Jason Lollar is a regular there. I would also get a copy of his book as it shows in good detail how to build a coil winder. I built my own by looking at pics of various winders on the web and a lot of trial and error. Pickup winding is almost as addictive as building guitars so be warned. Good luck.

Everything you could possibly need to know and more about making your own pickups in one conveniently tiny package!

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*****[coil n0.1 regular-----------]******guitar swicht



*****[coil no.2 opposite phase]*****ground.

under the pickups either needs to be a bar manget with one coil to the north side one to the south side. or a set of magnets. with there polarity reversed to each other.

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