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well, neighbours are nice

Curtis P

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My neighbour that gave me the jointer, that i dont got yet said he was having a yard sale and had some wood working stuff on it, so i go ovger today (about 3 days early) to see what he has, he has an old table saw and few hand tools then kids stuff

I asked what he wanted for the table saw, he said 30 bucks, then he said, well, this summer were going to be camping alot and cant take the dogs with us, since your next door, take it home and then just watch our dogs for about 5 days and we will call it even


I now have a table saw, a carpenters size one, made out of pure cast iron with a combination blade that will need to be replaced in about a year maybe, but not a bad deal, it works and i was ripping some scrap plywood today and made a few push sticks (my dad is a worry wart, he dont even like me using a jigsaw)

I was going to get some hand tools too, but i already had them so i figured why get them


P.S. he is still trying to get the jointer from his father in law (dont you hate in-laws??) and he says when he gets it back I am welcome to have it, same deal again, watch his dogs, maybe cut the grass too, but i will probaly still throw in the 100 bucks


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Yeah, in a post i made earyler i was talking about my neibourgh, he just siad i could have his old bandsaw!! but a small part on it is broken and i have to order a new one before i can get it. very inexpensive part (i hope)

but thats pritty sweet, we should all ask our neibourghs for old tools :D

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was driving home a couple of months ago, dude was throwing out a old craftsman table saw, cast iron...

the top is perfect for a glueing surface perfectly level and can clamp to the bottom of it.

I should have kept the motor for my surface sander that I am making....

its funny with tools, some people buy them use them once and think its brand new...

its like a car once you drive off the lot its worth less

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