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i need measurements!

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I'd say 35" scale to keep everything tight, and here's what I could find from Warmoth:

Nut Width: 2-1/4” (57.2mm)

Bridge: Kahler - 6 String Bass Bridge


This bridge is made with heavy construction and advanced design features. String spacing is adjustable from 2 13/16 to 3 5/16 (71.4mm to 84.1mm). The saddles are fully adjustable for string height and intonation.

Hope that helps!

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The measurments off of my Ibanez 6 are as follows

Nut- 2 1/16

spacting at nut- 5/32 apart on all strings (this is from nut material to nut materal, not including string itself) and the B string starts off 1/16 from the begining of nut.

Bridge is 4 1/16'' long 2 2/16 '' wide (Ibanez stock 6 string bridge)

and spacing is 11/32''

This is on a 34'' scale

I hope this helps, If you need any more measurments ill be glad to help

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