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wiring a 3 pickup les paul


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I'm wondering if there is a better way to wire my 3 pickup les paul. The switch is normally wired so that the treble is the bridge pickup, the middle is the bridge and middle and the rhythm is the neck. The volume/tone controls are only for the bridge and neck pickups. I think this is a little disappointing as there aren't as many options as one would hope. They are only 2 conductor, so it won't be anything fancy. Can I have some suggestions on how to wire it to have some more versatility? I was thinking about wiring the pots so that there are three volumes and one master tone. I was also thinking about wiring the middle so that its output is parallel to the output from the switch and wiring the switch normally. Should I stick to the stock wiring or play around with it? Is this a special switch, and if so are there any places to order a replacement switch if it breaks? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

-Fred Meyer

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One old mod that was popular in the 70s was to wire the bridge and neck pickups to the switch without tone controls, then wire one master tone to the output, and use the other pot as a volume for the middle pickup. It's not the quickest system, but it gives you a lot of control over the blend of all three pickups.

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