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how to mount electronics?


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this is a newbie question...

but how do i mount the electronics(pots+switch)? i'm making a guitar with no pickgaurd like a strat so i assume that they have to be mounted from the bottom...how do i do this? screws through the top or something? also how do i mount the humbuckers? i assume i rout on the top of the guitar but how does that work...do i rout a rectangular cavity or should the cavity have indents on the side for the screws? i am pretty lost, the book i bought was very vague. :DB):D

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Pots and switches generally mount through holes in the top, like a Les Paul. Humbuckers are traditionally mounted in "rings", rectangular metal or plastic pieces that mount on the guitar top with screws and hold the pickups in place while allowing height adjustment. There are some guitars that mount humbuckers directly to the body with screws into the bottom of the pickup rout.

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