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i need 7 string specs

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i was wondering ifany of you 7 string guys could give me the specs on your axes. im setting up some wood to do a neckthru seven string and i dont have one to judge off of. i want the nut, 12th, and 24th measurements and also what bridge your using so i know what kind of spread to plan for wood wise. im thinking im gonna go with maple with a dark wood sandwiched in to put in the truss rod. im probably gonna do mahogany body wings wth an ebony fretboard on the neck. still no sure wht kind of body shape yet, either universe or like a bc rich eagle.

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you're kinda doing this backwards, do a little research for 7 string bridges, pick one you want to use, then decide on either a 48mm (standard) or 50.4mm (wide) nut and work the rest out with a peice of paper and a long ruler for drawing the lines.

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