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wood advice...

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allright, lookin for a dark wood like that, but would rather NOT pay 85$ a board FRICKIN foot for it.

give me some ideas on what would be cheaper but nice and brown (NOT red) wood would be.

im thinkin walnut off the top of my head but i know there are more species that look like that.



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I have been a fan of wenge, which is actually darker, but is VERY pretty. However, it also runs fairly expensive! Black walnut runs lighter than that, but not red, and claro walnut is often that dark, but can be reddish.

Then again, you can stain anything you want to that color....

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You wouldn't believe some places where certain exotic nicely figured woods show up. I built a fence for a guy a few weeks ago and he had a junk pile sitting on his property. I spotted a headboard for a single bed that must have been laying there for years. Thought it was maple, hard to tell under that faded varnish. I took it home and ran the DA sander over it. Turned out to be a 2 section mahogany 3/4" thick. The bottom part was straight grain and the top was burled. I think I can find a use for that. :D

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