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i'm thinking of what a basic literature would be, i'm planning on buying about 100$ in books and have made this list:


by William R. Cumpiano, Jonathan D. Natelson


- Quantity : 1

The Art of Inlay

by Larry Robinson


- Quantity : 1


Other items in your

Shopping Cart:

Guitar Electronics for Musicians (Guitar Reference)

by Donald Brosnac


- Quantity : 1

How to Make Your Electric Guitar Play Great!

by Dan Erlewine


- Quantity : 1

Guitar Player Repair Guide

by Dan Erlewine


- Quantity : 1


Subtotal: $85.27

any recomendation?? :D

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There are two things that are not available in books, that I think you will need: 1) Common sense 2) Patience

Otherwise, the books you have outlined are probably some of the best books available.

Take care.

Guitar Ed

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I'd skip the Donald Brosnac book. I assume everything good in it is covered quite well on the internet.

Nobody can ever explain how the 2 Erlewine books are different. I have Guitar player repair guide.

List of what I have/had :

Complete guitar repair --Hideo Kamimoto ( could do without, but he has a couple of sentences that helped me)

Build your own electric guitar --- Bill Foley ( helped me put together my first partscaster and do a nice job of fret leveling in 1986 or 87. I still use the wiring schematics)

The stringed instrument craftsman --- all issues, no longer available. ( I guess I got several good tips out of these)

American luthier mags---- ( I had 2 and sold them. Nothing that great in these 2 I had)

Guitar maker mag number 14 ---( this thing was crap. I sold it)

Erlewine 1984 "don't fret" vol 2 video--- ( it mainly taught the dremel/epoxy fretting method, which I wish I would have never heard of-- I sold it)

Stew-mac Shoptalk video---- (can't remember which one. I guess I got a few good tips out of this, but sold it)

Guitar player repair guide, Erlewine---- ( I had the first edition signed by Erlewine and sold it. My brother bought me a later edition for my birthday, and it had more fretting info than my other one. Probably the most important book I have, but maybe it wouldn't be that good if I didn't have info from many other sources to go with it)

Stew mac trade secrets ----( I got the ones they put in their catalogs all saved, except I'm missing around 3 "issues". Really great tips in some of these (including some from me :D )

Recent stew-mac Erlewine fretting videos , all 3 ----( I like these and learned some things. They didn't cover everything I think they should have, and repeated many things over and over that didn't need to be repeated)

Woodworking and metal working books from when I took Industrial design in college ( I keep these on the bench and glance over them sometimes. I keep a bookmark on the page listing all the drill bit sizes/dimensions)

Various Fine woodworking and other woodworking mags, shop tips book. ( I'm not sure if I remember much of what I've read in these things)

Router secrets video

Jackson pickup wiring book. (it's small and has some pretty frequently used schematics for many guitars)

early 90's Luthiers mercantile binder catalog. Big catalog with some good tips here and there

Hell, I just wanted to make a list 'cause I was curious as to what books I've had over the years. Damn, I guess I've spent over $300 on guitar repair books and videos. If I'd add the amp books, fender strat book, american vintage guitar book, all guitar mags, the $ amount would be crazy.

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I just got my first book today. I was surprised though, went to Barnes and Nobles and they said they didn't have any. So I got bored and just started looking through their practice guitar books. And just like a calling from above the book was there.

I got Make Your Own Electric Guitar by Melvyn Hiscock. After I finish my first project(just customizing a free guitar I got), planning to start work on a custom Iceman from scratch.

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My guitar building reading material-

Hiscocks book

and www.projectguitar.com fourms


dont see the point in spending all my cash on books when I can learn from experence and experenced people.

(yes, i know, knowing what you do before you do it makes it much eayser... oh well!)

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Both of dans books are worth getting, The "how to make your guitar play great one" is a set-up book (basically two or three chapters of the repair guide) but done in more detail, no assumed knowledge and a more easy read and simple style ....oh and with lots more pictures!

I would recommend reading that one first, it makes the other books a much more easy read.

It was that book that got me doing setups for people and into building the guitar i am doin now.

Hiscock's book is my favourite and i'm reading Koch's book at the minute, but that one is a bit "all over the place".

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