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Standard nut to Floyd Rose

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Hey, does anybody know how to convert a standard bone nut to a floyd rose locking nut?

assuming there's enough wood there after the fingerboard you can use a wide and very sharp chisel to remove the excess wood then use a medium size file to level out the shelf, it will probably be easier to use a top mounted nut that uses wood screws.

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The space from the nut's edge to the end of the fretboard is 5/8". Measure the nut to be sure - just in case yours is actually a licensed/non-standard nut.

Would you consider using locking tuners instead of installing a locking nut? I have nothing against locking nuts but for a retro-fit - I think I'd rather use locking tuners and put in a Graph Tech (or similar) nut. I haven't done it myself but I have heard this is pretty easy to do compared to the retro-fit of the locking nut. Just a thought.

For new builds, I still use good 'ol locking nuts.

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It will be a floyd rose original, Im only drawing up the plans at the mo and Im trying to figure out the best place to get the fingerboard etc. is. SO as it is I dont have any of the parts so measuring things is not an option.

Mellmo thanks for the link

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