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Wiring Diagram Question


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so what do you do?just take a wire and attach it to the bridge?also i look at diagrams and their are four wires but i see on most pickups its just 1, it is just later on split into 4?sorry for the newb questions, just trying to learn

IF you strip away some of the single wire, you will find that there are 5 wires crammed in there.

There should be a hole leading to the tremolo cavity, ground a wire from any ground point in your guitar, (probably the back of the volume pot), and solder it to the claw of the tremolo.

See here, this is the back of my peavey. You may want to scratch yourself a rough spot on the tremolo anchor claw, the solder will stick easier on the rough surface. Otherwise, the smooth surface may not hold the solder at all.


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