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Leather or Denim Finishes


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I've been working on this flying V project, and looking for ideas. Well I wanted to finish it natural like that explorer, but the wood won't allow for that ('tis ugly). So as I was doing laundry today I noticed I have two pairs of jeans with holes in places where holes shouldn't be. As I was throwing them out, the though occured to me, why not finish the V in denim.

I know Fender did a few Tellys in leather, and I remember reading somewhere (probably here) that those floral Jem guitars are actually a fabric.

Does anyone have any thoughts/info on this? Would it be better to leave the denim untouched, or should I use an epoxy/clearcoat finish on it? I was worried about the denim getting dirty or stretched.

Also, what about neck inlays for something like this. I'm still in the concept stages while I sand the guitar out.

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I was considering a material finish for my tele project, but was conserned about the dry-cleaning bill for when it got dirty :D I don't know if a person could put a clear finish on it and make it work out? Mabey on denim? I don't think using it for neck inlays would work, but if it would that would be very cool B) Anyways i'm interested in this too.

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Heh, I didn't mean denim inlays, I meant inlays that would work for a denim guitar. :D

I was also thinking of putting a pocket on it for picks and stuff.

oh, my bad.

Pockets would be cool, just but a back pocket right on the front and reach in and pull a pick out B)

That wold help me a lot

(My ratio: 3 droped picks/1 song)

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There's a tutorial on here about material finishes here on project guitar.

As I read it, it's glued on, and then a normal finish applied over the top.

How about brass studs for dot inlays?


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