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Jackson necks

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I'm still slowly working on that Kelly I started a couple months ago, and I'm about ready to buy a neck now, but I'm curious about what necks will fit it. I found a few on ebay, one sold by TNT guitars for US$100 shipped looks pretty good, but would it be a good buy? I will need to remove the inlays to do my own, and I'll also want to paint it...

Also, are 22 and 24 fret necks the same size? Are they interchangeable and more of a matter or preference?

And one more thing.. What's a dinky?

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I would have started with a neck. Not sure why you were waiting on that. Do you have a routed body?

Everyone needs to know Scale Length before making a guitar, or assembling one. The neck you're looking at is for a left-handed guitar player. Is that what you need? If you remove the shark fin inlays you're going to have a lot of space to fill. Bolt-on necks are interchangeable in that that is the whole point of having a bolt-on neck. It's adjustable but it's not really a matter of preference. All 22 fret necks and all 24 fret necks do not have the same scale, unless you are sticking to a specific brand and model mass produced.

If you want to know if you can use that neck, I would be asking the seller what the distance is from the nut to the end of the neck, and from nut to the 12th fret, unless he knows the scale length. From there, you can calculate the scale length and possibly figure out where the saddles would fall on the body. If this makes sense to you, then you can figure it out. If not, you need to do some searching on "Scale Length" and what that means to your project.

A dinky is small like a shrinky dink. :D

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Check with Kevin at Easton Guitars (eastonguitars.com). He was Jackson's product manager and artist relations guy while I worked there. Super cool dude, and he can probably set you up with whatever you're looking for.

A dinky is a 7/8ths scale Strat body. Slightly downsized for better playability.

The difference between a righty and lefty neck is threefold. The inlays point opposite directions, the side marker dots are on the opposite side, and the logo is reversed. There are exceptions, of course, but that's the general way to tell. The side marker darts are the most reliable indicator.

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