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Contouring on a PRS

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Make a mock-up on a piece of pine first to see if you like the look. It sounds a bit unbalanced to me, but maybe I'm just not picturing it right in my head....

I cant waste the wood...altho if I find some cheap wood I might do a bolt on first with the same shape and see what evolves.

I checked it out in a guitar shop today. I can still do the contouring of the PRS and further remove the wood nessesary to get the better feel of the stratocaster contour. I suspect it will look a bit unbalanced and thats why im asking here this question to get opinions. Im not sure tho since that bit extra of removed wood normally shouldn`t affect the physical balance.

I might go with the normal PRS contouring and see if I later deside that it would be more comftable to do an upper stratocaster contour.

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It's an idea worth exploring, but i would imagine it's something that's been tried before and didn't work... if it did, you'd see a lot more carved tops with forearm contours.

Maybe a carved top with a Music Man John Petrucci-esque "scoop" armrest might work.

I love carved tops, but hate having a permanent groove indented into my forearm.

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