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Floyd rose sustainer


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is that off a Kramer sustainer guitar ? I have a Kramer sustainer guitar, but don't have the sustainer pickup. Are they easy to get ? I want to get rid of the guitar one of these days. Would be cool to get the sustainer in it. Then I'll be asking the same thing you are. The sustainer guitar I have has a bunch of mini-toggle switch holes . I think one hole might be for an LED. I plugged them up, but they still show (Black body, hard as hell to hide flaws on it)

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I guess I wouldn't like selling it for less than $250.00 .And it's a project guitar. It doesn't have any pickups or electronics in it at all. Just Kramer Sustainer body, Kramer American neck, Black original floyd, black tuners. I made the neck plate, and the neck has never been off since the screw holes were drilled. I put this guitar together, it's from parts left at the Kramer factory after they closed down. It doesn't even have holes drilled for pickup rings, or the little screw holes for the tuners, yet. The neck fits nicely in the body neck rout, better than the neck/body fit on my Fenders. ESP supposedly made the bodies for Kramer, and it does seem very ESP like in quality.

I'm away from the USA until October.

Someone tell me if I'm breaking the rules here discussing the price of something like this.

I was planning on putting it up for sale on the Kramer site someday. Keep putting it off cuz I wanted to keep trying to hide those toggle holes in the body.

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