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bass pick ups


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EMG P-J set. Amazing versatility; I love mine, and they work for Victor Wooten!

However, www.guitarpartsdepot.com carries the EMG 81/85 set for 7 string in the EMG 35 Extended Bass casings. I'd love to hear the 81/85 set on a bass, and if you don't do it, I just might!

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My favorites, in descending order:

  • Lane Poors, but they're ether no longer in production or being sold directly to an unnamed builder - expensive, and hard to find, but they're the Holy Grail of bass pickups (IMO). Smooth as silk!!
  • Bartolinis - They never quite got the hang of guitar pickups (again, IMO), but their bass pickups are spectacular!! Warm and detailed, with plenty of growl if you want it.
  • EMG Soapbars - These are the pickups that every Asian manufacturer is trying to knock off - tight bottom, plenty of air, and a focused high-end clarity that comes through at almost any setting. Great for high sound pressure levels!!

P/J pickups don't thrill me in general, but if that's what you're into, both Bartolini and EMG make very good replacements (easily better than anything Fender ever made). I'm currently using EMG soapbars in my axes - they're probably the best bang for a buck, and they handle 4, 6 and 12 string without complications. :D

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