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They're brand names....

Perspex is less well known...but mostly used in signage...

Perspex I'm fairly certain is acrylic but not all acrylics are equal

It has good optical qualities...I heard about it from mazda using it for the dash panel of one of their cars....it looked black when the car was off but the lights were hidden behind it...It's more expensive than plexiglass on average...

for templates you could probably live with cheap leftovers from a sign shop

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In general, the British know it as Perspex®, and Americans as PlexiGlas®. It's the same thing under different brand names.

Perspex, which is sold in the USA as Plexiglas, is the name given to polymethyl-2-methylpropanoate, the polymer of methyl methacrylate; the material is thermoplastic, and transparent. It also is sold by the names "Acrylite" and "Lucite" and is commonly called Acrylic Glass.
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Thanks Guys,

Doesn't that make things a bit easier.I could not find Plexiglass down here in Aus,

but had no problems with perspex.

Next question - Would 6 mm (1/4 inch) be too thin for templates?



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