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Whats the thickness of a Tele

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I'm working on a standard tele but, now i don't know how thick it's supposed to be??

Does anybody know and then is there a place where i can get a neck cad file???

Thanks a bunch and hopefully i'll be able to do this guitard well

PS does anybody think a reverse neck on a tele would be cool???

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PS does anybody think a reverse neck on a tele would be cool???

Well, the only person it matters to is you really.

Didn't Robin Guitars make a hockey-stick Tele?

My personal opinion (well, you did ask :D )

...is that a Strat shape can, and has been, whored to death, and that's fine, I like all the hybrids, it doesn't seem to bother my sense of well-being.

A Tele for me is a completely different matter. A Tele should be kept as close to the original Tele as possible (within reason).

I'm no purist, anyone who's seen my guitars knows that, I don't even have a butterscotch Tele, and never have.

But, well, also, anyone who's seen any of my Tele's will always see a Telecaster, not just a basic Tele shape and everything else is changed/modified.

It will always have the basic look and sound of a Telecaster, mostly with additional options, but at heart, it is a Tele.

Using a hockey-stick neck to me, or any type of Jackson/Kramer/ESP/ JEM type of neck is completely opposed to the basic heart of a Tele in it's origins.

Just me, just my opinion. Doesn't make it right.

But when I see a Tele styled guitar w/ 2 HB's or a P-90 at the bridge or a weirdo neck, it immediately makes me want to hurl chunks. B)

I've never seen one of those things yet I've liked.

But that's just me. Different flavahs for different folks is fine wid me.

But, a lot of my guitar heroes were Tele guys, so I have some 'history' in my brain as to what it wants to see and hear I guess. :D

Every guitar picture or poster in the guitar room (which is only 3) by sheer coincidence, features a Tele player, and I didn't do that on purpose, just the way it worked out.

Tele's rock. :D

You can't BS your playing on a Tele, it will let thru who 'you' are as a player, most Tele guys, even tho they're all playing Teles, you can always hear 'them', you can tell who it is playing. I consider that a -big plus-, you don't get hidden under a Les Paul sound where everyone sounds the same (well, you know what I mean)

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