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If i build a maple neck...

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If I build a maple neck, do i need to but a fret board on it ??

If not how do i build a mapole neck with out a fret board. I want to build a maple neck like fender does with there tele's. And to me i don't think they have a fret board, am I right ???

PS If anybody reads this i'd really like to know the thickness of a tele's body

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all necks have a "fretboard" weather or not it's a seperate peice of wood that's glued on or not doesn't change what it is, just different construction methods.

In order to install a truss rod in a one peice maple neck, since you don't have a removable fingerboard to rout under the only logical alternative is that you have to rout from the other side of the neck, the back. Hence the skunk strip on tele necks. I've never done a skunk stripe, or any type of rear routed truss rod so i'll leave that to someone that has.

and my tele body is 1.85" thick (47mm) with finish on it.

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