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wood filler what type?

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1) Well, what you want specifically is PORE filler, not wood filler, they make both, and they are 2 different things, so make sure you get -pore- filler. :D

2) Pore filler comes usually as oil-based or water-based. I prefer the oil-based, so what you are looking for is 'oil-based-pore filler', OK?

Behlen's makes it, I'm sure lots of other companies do too. I can't help as far as where to get it tho. You can always find it on-line.

3) The black dye, Specifically, what you are looking for is black -PIGMENT-.

My preferred black pigment is Lamp Black Tint's All. It's cheap as hell, like, $3.00 a tube, you only need one, and it dissolves in almost anything...water, lacquer, oil-based, etc. Fresco colors work too I believe, so Fresco Black would work.

You will find what you need in a local artist supply store for the black pigment.

Not a craft supply store, but an artists' supply store.

Stew-Mac carries the Tint's All and the oil-based pore-filler.

You pour out how much pore filler you need into a little container, then mix in the black, stirring until the black is completely dissolved into the pore-filler, then apply as normal pore-filler.

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