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From what I have heard dents can be lifted out using heat or steam which cause's the wood to swell. The scratches pretty much can just be buffed out but chances are if they are deep your going to have to hit it with a higher grit sandpaper then 2000 starting out before you get to the polishing stage.

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If the guitar is finished, don't try to steam out dents. Only try to get the dents out on bare wood, otherwise, it will cloud the finish, and it will look much worse than a dent. Chances are, from the sound of it, it's an inexpensive guitar, and probably has a poly finish. You can drop fill dents with CA glue. Probably the best line of action is to fill the dents with CA, the flat sand and polish the body again. Be very careful not to burn through. I'm sure you can find tutorials on polishing.

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