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Does alder need to be grain filled?

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even with sealer the finish will eventually sink into the wood. Kramer used to put a thin veneer of basswood over their alder bodies to keep this from happening. If you look very closely at an old alder bodied Kramer look at the belly cut or the forearm contour and you'll see what I'm talking about. those are the only parts of the body not covered with the veneer.

iirc Ibanez does this on the white Jems too

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Alder is a little less porous than maple and depending on the particular piece of wood may require differing degrees of preparation. If the grain appears open to your eye it will need a grain filler. Some alder is tighter grained and may not.

appears that we are both right...i guess it would be safer to fill it

oh the quote is from reranch

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an open grain is when the grain is really...heavy you can say, that when your run your fingers accross it, you can feel the grain, so you fill it and this covers that up so the finish (solid colour) does not let the grain show through

hope that helps


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