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Hi all,

I'm new here so if I post out of topic or something (like get a foot in a picture) forgive me. I was wonder if building a neck-through rhoads copy is do-able. I plan on buying this neck: http://www.carvin.com/products/part.php?ItemNumber=NT6

My grandfather builds Violins with his spare time so I figure all I would really need to count for expenses would be: The neck, Wood for the wings (Alder) and hardware (tuners, bridge, electronics etc.)

Can anyone point out any major flaws with my plan? Am I an idiot for attempting this with no previous guitar building experience?

Thank you.

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Yeah Primal he has one or I have access to one. 2 things though, How should I go about doing the electronics? Front or back, I personally thing back looks better but I'm afraid of doing the wire channel from the cavity to the actual humbucker cavity.

Also, I would like to put a strat style trem on it, would it be worth it? Is it a little too hard for a beginner?

Thanks again guys.

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Go for the back. I did my first bass with rear routed electronics (check out my post on this forum to see pics). I wouldn't be too worried about the wire channel. Just make sure you are careful and your drilling angles are correct. I would highly suggest buying a template router bit and all the neccessary templates from stewmac. If you use those the routes for the trem should be no problem at all.

Go for it man. Just take your time with it and be careful. :D


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Hey BLM20,

Having gramps handy to help and comment will be great for the both of you. I would bet good money that he can teach you a lot. He just might surprise you.

And if you really want to have fun, get the Bennedetto (sp?) book on building Archtop guitars. Ask gramps to read it while you guys build the neck through. Archtops and violins are very similar in concept, building wise. Ask him.... He just might.

Take care and take photo's.

Guitar Ed

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Thanks Ed, I'm positive he will help me quite a bit for the fact that he's a bit of a perfectionist. I am too but the amount of detail he puts in is amazing. I'm sure I'll learn alot from this. Does anyone know where I could get a cad version of a Rhoads V with the measurments? I could also use a few good wood suppliers in Canada, preferably near MB.

Thanks loads guys, all your comments are helpful.

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