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Hi again,

In all the books that I have the Humbucker template shape has the 2 "tabs" at either end.

I had a look at Stew macs and I see that theirs are just a straight rectangle with no "tabs" on each end.

Which is the right one.?I know the "tabs" are for the mountings but why dont Stewmacs have them.

How do you guys route these out? Do you route the main part then the mounting cavity or all as one.



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That's actually 2 different templates.

The one with no ears is one that you would use for the pickguard, or for a rear mounted pickup.

The one with ears is slightly larger to accomidate the rest of the pickup including the two metal tabs that the screws go into. So, if you have a pickguard or mounting rings for your humbucker, you would use this one to make the space for your pickup.

Oh, and StewMac sells both different router templates.

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That makes more sense! I should have had a better look at Stewmacs site.

Do you route the whole cavity the same depth? or are the "ears" shallower?

Thanks Greg

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The "ears" would be a bit deeper to account for the length of the mounting screws if you are using a pickguard or mounting ring. If mounting directly to the guitar body then I would think they would be the same level.

If I am wrong, please correct me! :D:D

Dragyn :DB)

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