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Okay, since I didnt get a reply about the spots in my other post, I will post a new thread.

How can I get rid of those spots after colouring the guitar? (black)

The spots are visible when turned against the light.


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We need PICTURES! What black spots? I only see black spots when I get up in the morning after I drank a case of beer the previous night. Or at least give a better description of these spots, how did they get there? are they stain? dye? paint? Size? inside the grain? How was the black applied? No one can help you if you don't provide any information.

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A lot depends on whether or not you are shooting your paint on bare wood or over some previous coating (filler/ sealer etc.) Also, if you are going for a solid coat or translucent ie. want the wood grain showing thru. If you are looking for a solid coat then just keep shooting until you get a uniform surface. If translucent then I recommend sanding it back again and laying down a coat of sealer. Then try to get your color on as uniform as possible. Practice on scrap first until you feel you got the hang of it.

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