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Gluing the top

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First of all - just got my first two mahog. body blanks. They have been sanded to 100 grit.

Two questions:

1. If I plan on putting a top on the mahog body, how much more sanding needs to be done on the body portion?

2. When cutting the top and body - should they bee done separately or glued and then cut.

Thanks in advance,


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100 grit sanding that it has is fine........ if they have have been sanded in a drum sander (which you probably dont have) then definitely leave it alone and glue the top on. if you try to sand it without a drum sander evern more you will end up with an irregular glueing surface and gaps along the glue line will be the result.

if you are planning a neck thru design the gluing the top on last will be best- same with hidden neck thru. with a bolt on or set neck design glue the top to the body and shape them at the same time unless the design naturally lends itself to some other order.



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