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Preamp Question


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I want a preamp that will overdrive my guitar. I dont want it as an onboard distortion/overdrive unit but as something that will enhance the distortion coming off the effects line. Since as you said tryied others which one do you suggest?

As for clean boost from all I know this is the one:



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I want a preamp for inside my guitar so i can make it louder... but I just can't seem to find a preamp that wont make my guitar go into overdrive. does ne 1 know of a preamp schematic or one i could buy that would work for me
  • What kind of amp are you using?
  • What kind of pickups do you have?
  • Do you have any effects hooked up between the guitar and the amp?
  • What have you tried that didn't work?

There are all kinds of preamps out there, but without a little information it's really hard to recommend anything specific. Generally, the EH LPB1, the Stratoblaster and the EMG Afterburner are all fairly clean boosters, and the homebrews like the AMZ MOSFet booster, Don Tillman's preamp and the Runoff Groove Fetzer Valve are also very useful. The final result depends on how hot your pickups are, which booster you use, how much headroom the connected device chain has, and how hot you run the boost.

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hmm if you have a good shielded guitar you could get away with parrallel wiring with the x2n as it sounds good too. like this. and is a little quieter. and put it on a switch as to make it get louder in series mode

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A preamp is just a small voltage amplifier that boosts the output signal of your guitar, and usually lowers its output impedance. If that's completely confusing, it just makes your existing pickups louder and less prone to lose high end. A preamp is the simplest form of "active electronics".

And the only time you should feel foolish is when you didn't ask the question (or if somebody else asked it yesterday and got 3 pages of replies that you haven't read yet). :D

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